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One WILPF Branch's projects with the Award Winning Books

wilpf group

The Jane Addams Award Winning Children's Books Committee of WILPF's Des Moines Branch has continued its work. Our six enthusiastic members met several times to brain storm ways of presenting the beautiful 2014 selections. We also developed a new book plate so that those we give the books to will have our contact info and know how to find out more about the Award Winning Books.

Sandra Jennings presented the popular selection for younger children "We Shall Overcome", to Wright Elementary in Des Moines and to a Montessori school in Norwalk.

Jan Burns enjoyed reading and discussing the challenging book, "Seeing Red" with a small group of 7th and 8th graders over a period of several weeks at Orchard Place, a Des Moines Public Residential school for troubled youth.

Vonnie Salem introduced "Sugar" and "Razia's Ray of Hope" to Des Moines' Samuelson Elementary Library the day after MLK Day. Both books were well received and appreciated.

Doris Covalt presented "Seeing Red" and the challenging civil rights book "Brotherhood" to the Forest Ave Library where she has volunteered for many years and where she feels a special connection.

Jan Corderman and Evelyn Glazebrook presented "We Shall Overcome" to a group of young children at St. Anthony's Catholic Academy where they were well-received newcomers. Jan introduced WILPF and talked about Jane Addams. The book was sung and read. Afterwards the children drew pictures illustrating their thoughts about the book and then shared their thoughts with the entire group. After the visit, we learned that everyone was part of a booklet the teachers assembled showcasing the drawings. The booklet was shared with the rest of the school.

Jan and Evelyn also presented "We Shall Overcome" to a group from the after school program at Children's and Family's Urban Movement (CFUM) in Trinity United Methodist Church, Des Moines. The book was gratefully accepted for their sparse library.

Miss Jan and Miss Evy's last stop with this book was the second grade class at the Bergman Academy. The children enjoyed the book and expressed their thoughts in the pictures they drew and then shared with the rest of the class. After the visit, the children wrote wonderful thank-you notes. Among them was a Alex's note: "Thank you for coming. I loved the part where they fought for their rights. "We Shall Overcome" is a great book."

Evelyn presented "Razia's Ray of Hope" (setting – Afghanistan) to the CFUM group on another date. The students were interested in learning a few common Farsi words which were listed on a chart with the English definition. One shy student from the Middle East proudly helped everyone learn how to pronounce them. The students then drew pictures of the story, which were then mounted on the class bulletin board.

The recipients of these donated books continue to be amazed at their quality and their ability to achieve the goal "to engage children in thinking about peace, justice, world community and/or equality of the sexes and all races" since 1953.

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Make Books Not War: Jane Addams Children's Book Award Video

This video was recorded at the Channel 17 open access TV studio in Burlington, Vermont. There is no copyright on the video and it can be played anywhere by people who want to find out about the peace education work of the Jane Addams Peace Association. We focus on this year's 2013 Jane Addams Children's Book Award books in the context of Jane Addams' legacy and the birth of the peace education mission at Hull House in Chicago, Illinois. Hull House is the cradle of social democracy in America. Peace education is an ideal we hold in our own arms to nourish and grow. We do this with love and commitment to Jane Addams as our wise foremother and to the many strong women who follow with us in her footsteps.

The Bloomington Branch of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom presented the 2013 Jane Addams Book Award to Mrs. Ness' third-grade class at Fairview School on May 27, 2014.

third grade class

Pictured left to right: Mrs. Tyler Ness, Jaxon Harris, Abby Williams, Oryn Smith, Hannah Maners, Marian Shaaban, Delilah Woodworth, Tomi Allison, and Elizabeth "Starr" Harris.

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Meeting the Common Core with a Peace and Justice Curriculum in a 4/5 Wisconsin Multi-age Classroom Community Poster PDF

Opening Global Horizons for Students through Collaboration with the Jane Addams Peace Association : NYC's Walt Whitman Middle School

Public Service Announcement: Dr. Gordon Sato from Alla Umanskaya on Vimeo.

Walt Whitman's Middle School Students Portray the Message of the Jane Addams Award Winning Book, The Mangrove Tree: Planting Trees to Feed Families. Word

Walt Whitman Student Application to Attend the Jane Addams Award across from the United Nations. Word


Fresno Central Library

Fresno Central Library display case devoted to the history of the Jane Addams Peace Association. There are approximately 25 Jane Addams books from the 1960-2015 in the case.

From left to right: Ann Carruthers, Donna Salwasser, Patty Bennett, Janet Capella (artist/designer) and Teresa Castillo. Not shown in the photo: Sandra Rios Balderrama, Jean Hays, Bambi Heckmann, Elke Kurpiers and Leni Reeves, and Kirsten Vercoe. All are members of the WILPF Central Library committee.

A brief history of WILPF from 1915 to 2015 in photos and in the use of the Jane Addams Children's Books from the 1960-2015. The Fresno branch is 50 years old so note the 1965 in the display case.



Detroit Public Library event

WILPF members Laura Perreault and Laura Dewey with DPL librarians Carol and Janet



School Group Fundraises for the Zabuli Education Center

After attending the Jane Addams Children's Book Award Ceremony in 2014, a PS/IS 30 Mary White Ovington school group undertook a fundraising campaign to support Razia Jan's school in Afghanistan.

Razia book and group picture

"The book Razia's Ray of Hope was written by Elizabeth Suneby about Ms. Jan's brave and precarious effort to supply Afghan girls with an opportunity to receive an education.

They [girls] are not expected to care about their education or place in society and be content in their status as housewives. They must rise above social and familial obstacles just to receive an education. In America, many students lose sight of the privilege that they have with a free education. Many students see school as a punishment, as a chore. Through our trip to the Jane Addams Book Award ceremony and our fundraiser, we became more thankful for our education."

To raise funds for the Zabuli Education Center, the students made crafts and food to sell to the students, teachers, and parents of their school. Altogether they raised a total of $120 for the girls in Afghanistan!

jewelry making

Several students wrote letters in support of the students at the Zabuli Education Center.

"Your story has inspired my peers and I to value our education and our accessibility to knowledge in a way that we did not before. Thank you for opening our minds and inspiring us to help people beyond our little corner of the world."--Isabell


Another first-generation student wrote from her family's perspective as Yemeni immigrants to America:

"I admire how much you care about your grades and how you want and expect an education to help you out in your future. Many Muslim girls today are becoming big things and are not just allowing their beliefs to say a huge part of who you are, but also their abilities and their knowledge." --Neda

The school group plans to attend the 2015 Jane Addams Children's Book Award Ceremony.

Originally posted on the JACBA Blog 10/15/2015.



Downtown Fresno Library, West Fresno Library, & Cedar Clinton Library

WILPF branch donations to libraries.



Ann Bausum, BookFest 2014

Ann Bausum, winner of the Jane Addams Peace Association's Award for her book: Marching to the Mountaintop: How Poverty, Labor Fights, and the Civil Rights Set the Stage for Martin Luther King, Jr's Final Hours. (Honor Book for Older Children, 2013) took part in the Wisconsin Book Festival Program (Flyer).

Ann Bausum, BookFest 2014

Ann Bausum, BookFest 2014

Ann Bausum, BookFest 2014



Elizabeth Suneby visits Stoner Prairie Elementary, Fitchburg WI

Elizabeth Suneby

Elizabeth Jones (4th grade teacher) Susan Freiss (5th grade teacher) Elizabeth Suneby (author of Razia's Ray of Hope) and Leslie Wilson (school librarian)



Des Moines WILPF

Des Moines WILPF

JAPA Book Committee of WILPF Des Moines Branch. Seated: Jan Burns & Doris Covalt. Standing: Katy Haley, Evelyn Glazebrook (Chair), Sandra Jennings.

Sandra Jennings presented a book to the Urbandale Public Library and received the following comment: "Thanks so much to you and the members of WILPF, Des Moines for donating the book, We Marchby Shane W. Evans. Both the content and the illustrations are inspiring. The book is a welcome addition to our picture book collection... The youth services staff feels privileged to serve the families of Urbandale and Windsor Heights. We are always pleased when someone singles out our facility with a donation that supports our mission... Carmen Epstein, Youth Services Librarian, Urbandale."

Sandra also presented a book to Forest Ave. Library and received the following comment: "Thank you for your donation on behalf of the Des Moines Branch of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. We are delighted to add the book Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson, a 2013 Jane Addams Children's Book Award winner to our library collection. We appreciate your thoughtful donation for our community to enjoy." Sarah Schottern, Senior Librarian, Forest Ave. Library, Des Moines.

Full Report of Committee's recent activities



Tucson WILPF

Tucson WILPF

Love of Reading Week at Hollinger School

Margo Newhouse, Deborah Livingston (WILPF), and librarian


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Sacramento Sierra Foothills WILPF

Sacramento Sierra Foothills WILPF

Sacramento Sierra Foothills WILPF

Millee Livingston, local Children's Peace Camp Committee and Women's History Month Co-ordinator


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San Luis Obispo (CA) City-County library system

San Luis Obispo

Children's Librarian Margaret Kensinger-Klopfer (left) accepts the donation of the Jane Addams Children's Peace Award Books from Mothers for Peace member Gail Comer (right).


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Eagle View Elementary School, Roosevelt, Utah

Eagle View Elementary School, Roosevelt, Utah

WILPF branch donation to school.


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Ellicott Mills & the Women's International League of Peace and Freedom Book Talk


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Wisconsin Book Festival Event

Children Live What They Learn

October 19 2013, 1 pm at A Room of One’s Own, 315 W Gorham St, Madison, WI

Use the Jane Addams Peace Association award-winning books in your classroom or living room to help children learn about peace and justice.


Wisconsin Book Festival Event


Wisconsin Book Festival Event


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WILPF Des Moines


The Des Moines Branch of WILPF has a Jane Addams Peace Association Book Committee with five regular members as well as others who lend their support. The goal of this enthusiastic committee has been to plant seeds of social justice and peace activism using the books as a tool.

The committee meets to brainstorm new ways of presenting these beautiful books to children and to draw on each other’s experiences. Working in teams, part of the Committee has engaged elementary age children with “read and draw”, asking the children to draw a picture that best represents the book after hearing the WILPFer read it and show them the illustrations. As Meg Barnes Tvrdik, 2nd grade teacher, shared with us after a “read and draw”:

"As an educator of young children, I'm always trying to find new ways to teach about conflict resolution, diversity, and poverty. Many of these topics are very sensitive to children. The Jane Addams Peace Association Children Book Award winners are fine examples of educational tools. The books communicate serious topics in a way that is unthreatening to children.”

At the Middle School level, we have donated the books directly to an interested teacher whose curriculum included a section on civil rights. She found the books to be a wonderful addition to her lesson plan.

Jan Burns, a committee member, shared her experience with a new site: “Having worked in the field of occupational therapy in psychiatry, I was very interested in working with Orchard Place School, a residential treatment center for troubled kids. My WILPF co-volunteer and I read the JAPA books to the 7th and 8th grade classes. We were so pleased by the discussion with the students. I particularly remember that one of the poems in Peaceful Pieces, “Poems and Quilts about Peace”, gave some of the students an opportunity to bring up issues that concerned them.”

Evelyn Glazebrook, Chairperson (
WILPF Des Moines, Jane Addams Peace Association Book Committee

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Christ the King Catholic School

Comments from Principle and Students to whose library books had been gifted.

Comments from Principle and Students, to whose library, books had been gifted.



Walt Whitman MS

Alla Umanskaya, poster presentation on New York City Librarian Conference

Thank You Letter and Letters from Students and Video

Public Service Announcement: Dr. Gordon Sato from Alla Umanskaya on Vimeo.


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Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library Book Presentation

Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library

The Philadelphia branch of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom presented Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library with copies of the Jane Addams Children’s Book Award on Monday, February 11, 2013.

Pictured: Frank Foulrod and Tina Sheton, Co-chairs of the Phila/Delco branch of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Stelle Scheller, Tracee Yawger, Head of Children’s Services, and future reader Renee.

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From San Luis Obispo (CA) City-County library system

San Luis Obispo

WILPF member Liz Apfelberg (right) with librarian Kristen Burnhart (left).


San Luis Obispo


San Luis Obispo

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From Santa Cruz branch library

Book display

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From Humboldt WILPF members

Book display

Maggie Nystrom, recently retired Arcata Librarian, displaying the 2010 Jane Addams Children's Book Award Winners for 2010, donated to the library by the Humboldt Branch of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).

Photo by Carol Woods. Used with permission


From Jane Addams Book Shop, Champaign, IL

Book display Book shop window  Windows


Photos by Donna Barkman. Used with permission.


From Tucson Book Fair

Book display Book display

Tucson Branch of WILPF

Click here to see a step by step guide to creating your own life-size Jane Addams puppet.

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