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Introducing Jane Addams

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Jane Addams portraits
Jane Addams portraits: age 3, 6, 8, 17, 32 and adult.

Who was Jane Addams?

Jane Addams was a world renowned social worker. Most connected with her work in Chicago with Hull House, she worked for peace and freedom, justice and equality tirelessly in many arenas her entire, very long life.





Jane Addams won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. She was the first American woman to win this prestigious award. She is considered by many to be the "mother " of modern social work.






Links to websites about Jane Addams

Hull House

Swarthmore College Peace Collection

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

Jane Addams page from the Nobel e-Museum




A selection of books by or about Jane Addams

Jane AddamsThe Jane Addams Children's Book Award: Honoring Children's Literature for Peace and Social Justice since 1953 by Susan C. Griffith, published by Scarecrow Press, 2013.

"The first book to examine the award as well as its winners and honor books. In this volume, Susan C. Griffith reviews and synthesizes Addams’s ideas and legacy, so that her life and accomplishments can be used as a focal point for exploring issues of social justice through children’s literature.

In addition to a history and overview of the award, this work contains annotated bibliographies with thematically arranged winners and honor books bestowed in Addams’s name.

Supporting literature study in classrooms and integrating points of reflection drawn from the activist’s life, The Jane Addams Children’s Book Award is an invaluable resource for educators, students, and librarians.
Jane Addams reading to children

Louise Knight has written two biographies of Jane Addams: Citizen: Jane Addams and the Struggle For Democracy (2005), about Addams's formative years, and Jane Addams: Spirit in Action (2010), the first full life biography of Addams in 37 years.

Citizen by Louise Knight Spirit by Louise Knight









American Heroine by Allen F Davis. Oxford University Press, 1973.

Twenty Years at Hull-House: With Autobiographical Notes by Jane Addams. Macmillan, 1910.

The Jane Addams Reader by Jane Addams and Jean Bethke Elshtain. Basic Books 2002.

Women at the Hague: The International Peace Congress of 1915 (Classics in Women's Studies) by Jane Addams, Emily Greene Balch, Alice Hamilton, and Mary Jo Deegan. Garland, 1972.



children at Hull House  Hull House children 
Hull House circa 1935 Hull House children 

Our gratitude to the Swarthmore College Peace Collection and the University of Illinois at Chicago for the use of photographs of Jane Addams.

A very special thanks to the Swarthmore College for their vital work preserving the voices and stories of many tireless, and often invisible women who worked, and some who are working still, for a just and peaceful world.



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